Brandi's Legacy -- A Hospice Dog Program

Brandi's Legacy was created in memory of a senior Pit Bull that touched the lives of many people. It is a hospice dog program designed to take dogs that don't have much longer here on earth from being put down at shelters and place them in loving foster homes for the time they do have left. 
  1. Managing Director
    Brandi ~ RIP
  2. Managing Director
    Brandi ~ RIP
  3. Managing Director
    Brandi ~ RIP
  4. Managing Director
    Millie ~ RIP
  5. Managing Director
    Juliet ~ Looking for a home
  6. Managing Director
    Rory ~ Forever Foster
About Brandi

The dog that started it all....

Brandi was on death row at Sumter County Animal Services when one of our directors saw her and immediately fell in love with her pictures....
Her picture was forwarded to one of our fosters who immediately said she'd take her.
Tammy made the 6 hour round trip the very next day to get her. She came out of the shelter completely skin and bones. They vet thought she just needed to gain weight...they thought she was just underfed.
She wasn't....she started to really crash and it was discovered that she had mammory cancer, advanced heartworms, enlarged liver, heart failure and they gave her three days to live. Visit her Facebook page - Brandi's Legacy -- A Hospice Dog Program to read more.