Recovery Room 

We rescue as many medically needy dogs as we financially can. These dogs are normally the ones that come into Animal Services that get passed by due to their medical condition that is costly and a lengthy process. Our medical cases include some of the following: heartworm positive dogs, demodex mange puppies, scarcoptic mange dogs, dogs needing surgery, and dogs with neurological damage. 
  1. Kelsey
    Kelsey was a rescue from Orange County Animal Services. She was rescued with possible scabies, mange, tumors on her eye lid, paw, behind and leg. She is now on her way to recovery!
  2. Phoenix
    Phoenix was our big rescue of 2016. She is the definition of "real rescue". This baby was found on the side of the road in Homestead when some kind Samaritans took her home. They didn't have the means to care for her severe burn and we transported her from Homestead to our vet in Port Orange. Phoenix underwent multiple surgeries.
  3. Evan
    Evan is a sweet boy that is paralyzed from the last rib on. He was found after being thrown out of a vehicle. He has major organ damage as well.
  4. Juliet
    Juliet came to us from Clewiston Animal Control. She is currently undergoing some testing to find out exactly what is up with her. We will know more soon.
  5. Liberty
    Liberty came to us from Clewiston Animal Control. She was found with two other Great Danes in a field. They were all in horrendous shape but Liberty was the worst off. She was an older girl and was literally starving to DEATH. She is now recovering nicely and is doing SO good!


Please help with the costs of veternairy care.
No amount is too small! Every little bit adds up!