Our Supporters play a huge role in our rescue; with many medical cases that run through our rescue, sponsors make it possible. Whether it helps pay for Heartworm Treatments, Orthopedic Surgeries, Formula for nursing puppies, Spay & Neuters, it all adds up! As well as all the monotary supporters we also have many business supporters that we can't thank enough. We truly Thank every one of our supporters, whether personal sponsor or business sponsor!
  1. Conway Mower Service
  2. Kaity Dinklocker- Orlando Photogrpahy
    Not only is Kaity one of the best wedding Photographers in the Orlando area, she also supports PHR in many ways! As an amazing foster mom to many dogs and puppies in need, Kaity's free time is often taken up by doing what she does best....taking pictures of our puppies available for adoption in our Orlando region.
  3. Josh Waters in Delta's Name
    Josh Waters is an incredible supporter of PHR. After he adopted his dog Delta from Haley, he stayed in touch and always wanted to assist in some way. We know Delta is spoiled rotten too!
  4. Brooke Murphy & Family
    Brooke and her family are a huge asset to the rescue. They are all so committed to help and will help with whatever needs to be done...from transports to fundraisers to events! They are always there! We are so thankful that Winnie was able to bring us all together!
  5. It's a Dog's Life Rescue Transport (Jim & Tonia)
    I don't even know where to start thanking Jim & Tonia for the endless transports they have done for us and so many other rescues. They are truly angels and we couldn't be more thankful for the endless hours and miles they've done transporting dogs to safety!
  6. Pet Depot Tampa
    Pet Depot store and vet clinic supports PHR in a few ways...their vet examines many of our dogs and their store holds adoption events for them rescue. We are so thankful for their amazing team!
  7. Vineland Animal Hospital
    Vineland is our main Orlando Region vet clinic. They see the majority of our dogs in our Orlando region as well as do many of our Heartworm Treatments and Orthopedic surgeries.
  8. Orange County Animal Services ~ Rescue Partner
  9. Clewiston Animal Control ~ Rescue Partner
  10. Pasco County Animal Services ~ Rescue Partner
  11. Putnam County Animal Services ~ Rescue Partner
  12. Humane Society of Marion County ~ Rescue Partner
  13. Sumter County Animal Services ~ Rescue Partner
  14. St. Landry Parish Animal Services ~ Rescue Partner
  15. Baker County Animal Services ~ Rescue Partner
  16. Lake County Animal Services ~ Rescue Partner
  17. Lake City Animal Services ~ Rescue Partner
  18. LIFE Rescue ~ Rescue Partner
  19. Bully Up Rescue ~ Rescue Partner